Scammers contacting Finance Executives

Security Alert: New IRS/FBI Ransomware Scam

A new ransomware phishing scam is going around using IRS and FBI emblems to trick unsuspecting victims into clicking infected links that when clicked will encrypt your files and hold your data for ransom.

Remember, the IRS does not email, send text messages nor will they contact you through social media to discuss tax issues. NEVER click on any links or open attachments on any email purportedly coming from the IRS or FBI.

Here is what the email may look like (from the official IRS website,

IRS-FBI Ransomware Scam Email

If you get this email or something similar, do not click on ANY link or open an attachment. Delete it immediately. It’s a scam.

Here is the official IRS Notice:

And remember: always make sure you have full, viable backups. The worse time to find out if your backups are corrupt, is when you need them. Defeat ransomware – backup, backup, backup!


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