Calling 911 On Cell Phone

Your Phone—Always Connected—Always At Risk

Do you use your cell phone to make purchases? Next time, think again. Read Carlos's story to see why.
Man at a cafe having a headache

You've Been Scammed—Now What?

You’re always careful, but now you’ve been caught! You clicked on an infected link. What do you do?
Looking Closely For A Bogus Link

Security Alert: Fraudulent URLs Tricking Users At Record levels

Scammers are constantly changing tactics to trick users into making mistakes. Bogus URL usage is on the rise. Landing on a fraudulent website can end in malware infections, including ransomware. Read on to find out how to identify a bogus URL.
Hooded Hacker Stealing Passwords

Security Alert: Finance Departments Need To Be Super Vigilant

A recent ZDNet Security post describes a dastardly attack vector…

If You Get A Call From “Your Bank”―Don’t Do This!

Even tech-savy users can get trticked by a good social engineer. Read how this one knowledgeable person got taken to the "cleaners."

O&R Warns Residents Of Utility Scams

Scammers are pretending to be O&R workers and calling customers threatening them if they don't pay bogus back payments.
Email Phishing

Security Alert: NYS DMV Email Scam Going Around

An email pretending to be from the NY Department of Motor Vehicles is notifying people that they have outstanding tickets. It's a SCAM.
Scammers contacting Finance Executives

ALERT: NYS Department of Finance Issues A Warning

The New York State Department of Finance recently sent an alert…

Security Alert: HSBC Customers Targeted In Phishing Scams

XSolutions has learned that HSBC customers have been recently…

Article Roundup – 12/11/14

XSolutions scours the web bringing you articles on important…