Security Alert: HSBC Customers Targeted In Phishing Scams

Virus Icon2XSolutions has learned that HSBC customers have been recently targeted by cyber-thieves in a rash of email Phishing scams. A recent post on Malwarebyte’s blog has identified at least four scams going around. The thieves embed infected links or attachments in targeted SPAM emails to the bank’s clients urging them to click on the link or open a form.

They are after your financial information, such as: bank card number, expiration date, card verification code, and PIN. Never give this type of information to anyone, especially over the phone, via email, or text. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from your bank asking for such information, do not give it and call or visit your bank immediately to report the incident.

Here’s another piece of advice: NEVER send debit or credit card or any other financial information via email. Email systems are not secure and doing so can result in a hacker getting and using your information.

We are at the time of year when thieves are looking to make quick cash. Cleaning out your bank account from the safety of their homes somewhere in the world with very little chance of being caught fits nicely into their plans. Be careful online and with your personal or business information.


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