Scammers contacting Finance Executives

ALERT: NYS Department of Finance Issues A Warning

The New York State Department of Finance recently sent an alert warning companies that scammers, posing as company executives are contacting the Payroll and/or HR departments of targeted companies requesting lists of employees and their personal information.

This is not a new scam but apparently it is an effective one and Government officials have seen a resurgence recently.

As you are well aware these scammers are extremely crafty, making their emails look authentic and often include the names of the CEO, CIO, Controller, or other high company official to get a targeted employee to comply.

EmployeesDo not respond to these emails and notify your immediate supervisor or manager upon receipt of such a request.

Business Owners and Company Executives: Make sure all of your employees know to never respond to such requests without first checking with appropriate management.

The release of W-2 information and other personal data to unauthorized individuals can be very damaging to all involved and will undoubtedly lead to identity theft and other crimes.

Please be careful.

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