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9 Online Shopping Security Tips To Keep You Safe

Statistics show that 51% of Americans prefer to shop online and that percentage is growing rapidly. Cyber-thieves are just waiting to steal your money, information and identity. But, taking common-sense precautions will go a long way to keeping you safe:

  1. Never use a debit card. If a hacker gets your information, they’ll be able to clean out your bank account in short order. Instead, use a credit card where you’re better protected.
  2. Update your Operating System, browser and anti-virus software BEFORE you go shopping. The recent WannaCry ransomware attack took advantage of older, unpatched software.
  3. Only enter credit card details or other personal information on sites displaying the green lock icon in the upper left of the URL and for site addresses beginning with https://.
  4. Do not set your browser to remember login information for any website.
  5. Don’t save credit card details on shopping sites.
  6. Use strong passwords of at least 15 characters, preferably 25 and never use passwords for more than one site.
  7. Always use a Password Manager so you don’t have to remember log in information for individual sites.
  8. Review financial statements regularly and immediately report suspicious activity.
  9. Use multi-factor authentication on all financial and confidential websites where available to minimize breaches should your credentials get stolen.

The internet is like the Wild West and demands caution if you are to use it safely. Don’t become a victim. Practice safe computing at all times.

And remember: for those that use their home computers to access their company network— being safe online is extremely important. If cyber-thieves hack your home computer while shopping online, they may also be able to penetrate your business systems. Be careful!

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