Businesses Feel Google’s Sting

cell phoneUsing their database of over 100,000 firms, law firm search engine, reports that over 46% of small law firms failed Google’s Mobile-Friendly test; the failure rate for larger law firms was 33%.

According to CEO Gerald Gordon, “most users now start their Lawyer search on Google using a mobile phone or tablet.”

To be sure, Google’s update, dubbed “Mobilegeddon”, is not specifically targeting the legal industry but as we said in our previous article on the subject, small businesses will be the most likely victims of Google’s latest ploy.

In today’s web-connected world, people will go to your website to check you out BEFORE ever coming to your place of business or calling you on the phone for an appointment — and statistics show that 60% of those searches are coming from mobile devices.

Businesses simply cannot ignore this latest salvo from Google. To stay competitive your web site needs to be mobile friendly. This is especially important for small, local businesses. Most people search for goods and services on their smart phones. If your site is not mobile friendly, you won’t even show up in the results. Just because you don’t depend on your website for internet sales, doesn’t make you immune to the web searching public.

Large companies aren’t immune either. If they are slow to adapt, they’ll feel Google’s sting very shortly if they haven’t already. Preliminary reports show that large sites, such as:,, and have taken hits to their web visibility by as much as 27% to 31%.

What to do next:

  • Test your site using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool.
  • If your site passes Google’s test; you’re fine
  • If it doesn’t pass, call us at (845) 362-9675 or email us for a quote on making your site mobile friendly

Consumers today are more tech savvy than at any other time in recent history. They expect all businesses to have websites that they can readily check out before making purchases. Make sure your business has a mobile friendly site so you show up in their search results.

Google has single-handedly changed the competitive landscape once again. Don’t be left behind.


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