Ransomware – Information Held Hostage

Info Held HostageOn  May 12, 2017, I attended a great seminar, “Information Held Hostage: Protecting Your data From Ransomware and Phishing”, held by the Connecticut Technology Council and hosted by Datto, the world leader in Business Continuity solutions.

The featured speaker was Arthur House, Connecticut’s Chief Cybersecurity Officer. Arthur was joined by panelists: Jane Domboski, FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Robert Gibbons, Datto’s Chief Technology Officer.

This 3 hour long seminar was rich in information, treating the audience to material and insights well beyond what we normally hear in the news. Many tout how good technologists the cyber-criminals are—and they are—but we can all be comforted to know that the good guys are equally highly-skilled professionals that battle the bad guys every day. Unfortunately, it is a war that may have no ending.

Indeed, as we were listening to the experts at the event, a massive ransomware attack of global proportions was unfolding. The WanaCry Ransomware attack crippled institutions around the world and may have been state-sponsored—underscoring the importance of cyber-security to businesses of all sizes and the value of having your company’s data protected by a Hybrid-Cloud Business Continuity solution.

The number 1 piece of advice: Backup your data and check your system daily. The worst time to find out that your backups aren’t working is when you need them!


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