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Where You Save Your Files Is As Important As Backing Them Up In The First Place!

Disorganized file-saving operations lead to disaster. Following good data hygiene can save your company when catastrophe strikes. Find out how.

The Cornerstone Of Cybersecurity

Of all the backup solutions on the market today, Datto stands head and shoulders above them all. Find out why XSolutions calls Datto the "Cornerstone of Cybersecurity."
Start The Recovery
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Is Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery The Same?

Read and find out the difference between Backup Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity then discover the best backup solution for your business.
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What You Should Know About Intelligent Business Continuity Versus Traditional Backup

Data backup alone does not guarantee a quick recovery, only a Business Continuity solution can. Read and find out why.
Back Up And Restore Keys For Data Security

Is a System Image the Same as a Backup?

Data only backup systems have their place for very small firms. Larger companies need to consider image-based backup solutions.
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Why Businesses Pay The Ransom

The reason many businesses are forced to pay the ransom is poor planning. Know the different types of backups to save your company.
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Which Is Better: Full, Incremental, or Differential Backups?

Selecting a Business Continuity Disaster Recovery solution is serious business. Select the wrong one, and you could go out of business.

Ransomware - Information Held Hostage

A cybersecurity conference held in Connecticut treated the audience to detailed info that went well beyond normal expectations.
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ALERT: NYS Department of Finance Issues A Warning

The New York State Department of Finance recently sent an alert…