Ransomware Screen

Ransomware’s Profit Centers


Most people think of ransomware as only encrypting your data and holding it for ransom. But things have changed — cybercriminals have evolved.

The ransomware tactics of today not only encrypt your data, but the attack usually accompanies stealing the data itself.

The Three Profit Centers Of Ransomware

  1. Encrypt the target’s data and demand a ransom.
  2. Post the stolen data on the Dark Web for sale (even if the victim pays the ransom).
  3. Extort the target company’s clients by threatening to release their data on the web if the client doesn’t pay a ransom.

To prevent the above from happening, businesses must up their game.

Relying only on antivirus (AV) software is foolhardy. Criminals have long ago figured out how to bypass this older type of technology.

Yes, AV is still important, and no one should be without it. AV catches known malware, a significant type used by criminals today. But AV won’t protect you from the newer style of attacks.

What Businesses Need To Do Now

  • Use AI-driven Detection & Response Technology. This tech performs behavioral analysis on emails, URLs, attachments, and web pages. When suspicious behavior is detected, it provides tools to remediate threats network-wide.
  • Conduct User Awareness Training that teaches employees what to look for daily. Programs should include annual training, ongoing supplemental training, and simulated phishing attacks. These are all designed to harden a company’s “human Firewall.”
  • Employ Dark Web Monitoring. Find out what information the Dark Web has on your employees and business. Then take steps the necessary preventative actions.
  •  Install a comprehensive password management policy. It should require unique passwords with standards so users don’t use easy-to-crack passwords. A good password manager should also be used, so users don’t have to remember hundreds of passwords.


Folks, please understand that no tool, or group of tools, can guarantee 100% protection. For example, most ransomware is delivered by email, where one errant click can bypass security controls. This is why augmenting current IT security with AI-driven technology is essential.

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Be safe.

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