Security Alert: PC Maker Caught Inserting Spyware On Its Computers

World’s Largest PC Company Caught Preinstalling Spyware Onto Their PCs

The program is called Superfish and the giant Chinese computer-maker Lenovo has been cited for preinstalling it onto their PCs shipped between September 2014 and February 2015.

Superfish tracks the movements of its customers and serves up targeted online ads; it also allows hackers to intercept encrypted communications on a network by extracting the certificate and cracking the password.

This has serious implications to businesses using affected Lenovo products, opening them up to man-in-the-middle cyber attacks.

Here’s a list of affected Lenovo products. We suggest that you review the list and check to see if you have any affected Lenovo workstations in your inventory. If you do, you must take immediate steps to remove the software.

Manually removing Superfish can be tricky; you need to make sure you get it all. It’s best to have your Managed Services Provider (MSP), like XSolutions, remove it for you.

If you are already an XSolutions’ customer, no need to worry. We’re in the process of reviewing client PC inventories and if you have an infected managed machine, we will be contacting you shortly to remove the malware.