woman with laptop in office

Sometimes Low-Tech is the way to go

I’ve spoken about this at meetings and written about it in blog posts, but hacking into cameras and spying on people can and does happen. There are high-tech solutions you can use to protect yourself that will make it harder for a hacker to penetrate your security, but if they’re determined enough they’ll eventually find a vulnerability.

Remember, if it is online it can be hacked.

Here’s a simple solution to stopping someone from spying on you using the cameras on your webcam and smartphone—simply cover them when not in use.

A simple piece of black tape will block a hacker from spying on your movements through your devices. What’s more, this solution can’t be hacked remotely. There are other, more elegant covers you can purchase.

Whether you use tape or purchase a special cover, the point is—use it!

We’ve all read stories of how pictures have been stolen and put up on the internet to the embarresmant of the victims. The same can also happen using the cameras on PCs, laptops and smartphones. Cyber-stalking is a very serious issue that can have deadly consequences.

Even former FBI Director, James Comey admitted to covering his cameras at home. 

Stop deviant hackers from making you a victim. Look at the cameras on all of your digital devices with a critical eye and cover them when not in use for increased personal security.

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