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Shortcuts Galore!

The mouse is no doubt the favorite input device for Windows programs. However, power users know that it is the keyboard shortcut that gets things done quickly, maximizing your time when speed is needed. Here are a few of our favorite keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7, Excel 2010, and Word 2010:


Key Combination What it does
Alt + Enter Display properties for selected item
Alt + F4 lose active item or exit the active program
Alt + Spacebar Open shortcut menu in active window
Alt + Tab Switch between open items
Alt + Up Arrow View the folder one level up
Ctrl + A Select all items
Ctrl +C Copy
Ctrl + D Delete active item sending it to Recycle Bin
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Esc Open Start menu
Ctrl + F4 Close active document (i.e. PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.)
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Open Task Manager


Excel 2010

Key Combination What it does
CTRL+PgUp Cycle between tabs from right to left
CTRL+PgDn Cycle between tabs from left to right
CTRL+SHIFT+* Selects the region around active cell
CTRL+; Enters current date in active cell
CTRL+1 Displays the Format Cells dialog box
CTRL+2   or   CTRL+B Bolds or unbolds entries in the active cell
CTRL+9 Hides the selected row(s)
CTRL+0 Hides the selected column(s)
CTRL+C Copies selected cells
CTRL+G Displays Go To dialog box
CTRL+T Displays Create Table dialog box
CTRL+V Paste from clipboard


Word 2010

Key Combination What it does
CTRL+1 Set line spacing to single-space
CTRL+2 Set line spacing to double-space
CTRL+5 Set line spacing to 1.5 space
CTRL+B Bold selection (toggle – repeat to undo)
CTRL+C Copies selected cells
CTRL+I Italicize selection (toggle – repeat to undo)
CTRL+U Underline selection (toggle – repeat to undo)
CTRL+V Paste from clipboard
CTRL+SHIFT+G Open Word Count dialog box
CTRL+SHIFT+C Copy formatting from selected text
CTRL+SHIFT+V Apply formatting from previously selected text
CTRL+SHIFT+W Underline words only (no spaces)
CTRL+SHIFT+> Increase font size
CTRL+SHIFT+< Decrease font size


Knowing a few keyboard shortcuts can dramatically speed up your computing and shorten your day. Learn them and you’ll be on your way to power user status in no time.

The lists above are not exhaustive. A quick search on the web will render many more keyboard shortcuts that you can incorporate into your workday. Learn as much of them as you can and your productivity  will soar in no time.