The Clock Is Ticking―Update Or Get Hacked

A recent article on HelpNetSecurity revealed:

  • 43% of businesses are still running Windows 7.
  • 16% are still using Windows XP and Windows Vista on some of their machines.
  • 17% of IT departments are not even aware of the end of Windows 7 support on Jan 14, 2020.
  • 6% of IT departments are aware but haven’t started planning yet.

You would think that businesses would be on top of this, especially in the wake of so many data breaches. Sadly, the “it won’t happen to us” syndrome is all too prevalent in our society today.

Hackers are gearing up for the end of Windows 7 support

You can be sure that hackers are aware of this Windows milestone. In fact, one of their favorite ploys is to target companies and individuals using outdated and/or unpatched Operating Systems (OS). When support ends, the hackers will go to work.

Everyone should know, especially IT departments, that Microsoft will end support and security updates for Windows 7 on 1/14/2020. Those that haven’t planned yet for updating the 10-year-old OS, better start soon. Failing to do so, will cost firms dearly for extended Microsoft service; those that opt out of extended support will immediately be vulnerable to attack.

In fact, hackers are probably gathering their digital tools as you read this. Don’t make it easy for them―start planning now and update your Operating Systems before the deadline.

Don’t forget about your backups―they’re critical to your survival

Always make sure your systems are properly backed up and in good working order. The worse time to find out that your backup system failed is when you need it the most. A good, functional backup system will allow you to recover quickly should your data be compromised or lost.

Take action now!

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