The Cornerstone Of Cybersecurity


There are many backup technologies on the market today. Yet, many don’t go far enough. Such systems give SMBs a false sense of security.

As an MSP protecting client systems since 1999, we’ve settled on what, we consider, is the best Business Continuity solution today—Datto. XSolutions is a proud Datto Partner, the most trusted name in Business Continuity solutions.

Make Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) the cornerstone of your cybersecurity program. No security solution can protect your network 100% of the time. With BCDR, if the unthinkable happens, you’ll be able to recover and save your business. Without it, you’ll become another statistic.

We chose Datto as our BCDR platform of choice to protect our customers for the following reasons.

A Secure Cross-Platform For Data Protection

Datto SIRIS protects your data on both physical and virtual servers. SIRIS provides:

  • An image-based solution for fast recoveries. No more wasting time restoring individual programs.
  • Instant onsite fail-over for quick local restores, reducing downtime from hours to minutes.
  • Backups saved to two geographically dispersed data centers. This means full redundancy in the cloud.
  • Bare metal restore so you can recover to different hardware. Incompatibilities are a thing of the past.
  • Daily backup verification, so you know that your backups are always viable. Have confidence that your backups will be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Inverse Chain Technology™—A Game-Changer

Inverse Chain Technology™ allows each incremental snapshot to be an entire recovery point. Uploading previous incremental changes to recover is obsolete. All you need is the latest snapshot. That’s it.

Datto’s Cloud Deletion Defense™

Datto’s new feature gives you access to deleted cloud snapshots. This protects you from employee error, malicious insiders, and network intrusions.

Backup With 100% Confidence

Many systems backup your data, but it is hard to confirm that the information is viable. Datto verifies backups at many levels. In addition, each snapshot is bootup-ready through its screenshot verification process. As a result, you’ll always know if your backups are viable so you can fix issues BEFORE disaster strikes.

Datto also scans backups for signs of ransomware and alerts you if it finds trouble. This “early warning system” allows you to take immediate action.

Ransomware Defense

Datto uses various technical methods to defend your backups against ransomware and corruption, such as:

  • Multiple levels of backup verification so you can be sure your backups are viable. This means you’ll be able to recover quickly if disaster strikes.
  • Scanning backups for signs of ransomware. Avoid reintroducing ransomware during recovery.
  • Mandatory multifactor authentication to the cloud-based admin portal. This prevents malware and malicious insiders from accessing your backups. As a result, your cloud backups are safe.
  • Datto’s Purpose-Built Cloud and Cloud Deletion Defense™ protects against corruption.

Supercharge Your Datto With XSolutions’ Service

XSolutions will manage your Datto backup system from beginning to end. We’ll install, monitor, and maintain your system—and when needed, XSolutions will drive your recovery. You are never alone with XSolutions.

Our mission: “Deliver true Managed IT Services by putting people first. Because there is no time for downtime.”

XSolutions offers amazing Datto technology PLUS exceptional support. Call us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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