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The top 10 SMB cloud solutions for 2019

Are you ready to bring SMB cloud solutions to your business? They offer many benefits like lower cost infrastructure, increased monitoring and analytics, and increased security.

With so many choices available for different cloud services, it can be hard to know where to start, as many different types of solutions could be appropriate for your business. If you’ve been wondering what solution might be right for your business, the following are some of the most popular choices for many small to medium-sized businesses.

1. Asana for project management

Cloud project management is one of the most necessary SMB cloud solutions, especially if you have a lot of remote employees or anyone who likes to work from home now and again. With Asana, employees can access everything they need to get their work done from anywhere since all the information is located in the cloud.

It has robust file sharing, communication tools and is reasonably priced. It’s even free for teams with 15 or fewer employees. However, if you want more features, it is definitely worth the $9.99/month. Asana is considered one of the top cloud project management programs and is used by many businesses large and small.

2. Cloudphone for phone calls

Cloudphone is a virtual corporate phone system that allows your team to use their own smartphones from anywhere and be connected to your company’s phone network. Depending on which services you choose, you could have an automated phone attendant, conference calling features and multiple extensions or phone numbers so your team members don’t need to give our their personal digits.

Cloudphone is much more affordable than a wired phone system and requires no wires, no expensive equipment. Overall, it is a pretty exciting SMB cloud solution to introduce to your business.

3. Hootsuite for social media

Hootsuite is synonymous with seamless social media management in the cloud. Access it from anywhere to make your social media channels shine bright. Use it for multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Youtube channels, and Instagram accounts among others. Many social media and PR pros use this tool to manage their clients’ accounts, and even some everyday people use it to stay on top of their personal social media.

It’s a great SMB cloud solution because it brings all of your accounts into one space for easy management. It also allows you to create and schedule posts in advance, which is a great option for small businesses with limited staff resources to manage your social presence.

There is a free option for managing up to three accounts, and affordable options for more.

4. Hubspot for marketing management

Hubspot is the one stop shop for all of your inbound marketing needs. Not only is it a great program, but Hubspot also provides the opportunity for marketing education to go along with their tools. Social media, email, SEO and landing pages are just a few of the things you can work on with their robust set of tools that are all in the cloud. Not only does it centralize your inbound marketing strategy, but it also makes it accessible to employees as long as they have an internet connection!

In conclusion

The right cloud solution can really help your business grow. From increased productivity to better collaboration, the possibilities in the cloud are limitless. For help implementing any of these helpful SMB cloud solutions, contact your managed IT services provider.