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Why You Should Use DRaaS For Your Business


Few people will disagree that data is the lifeblood of business. Information is central to a company’s survival.

But, your data is at risk from cyberattacks, especially ransomware; unintentional compromise or deletion from well-intentioned employees; natural disasters, like hurricanes, floods, etc.; and hardware or software failures.

Business owners and executives must be proactive in planning for such disasters because they often occur at the most inconvenient times. You must identify and prepare for those disasters that most likely will occur.

Assess Your Risks

Assessing risks will go a long way to reducing your vulnerabilities to catastrophic data loss. Begin by creating a Threat Matrix and list every threat to your business that you and your team can think of. Once done, score each threat according to its likelihood and severity. Finally, make sure you reference a detailed, written response to each threat to ensure Business Continuity.

Don’t know where to begin? XSolutions can help. Just download our FREE Disaster Recovery Plan Template. Complete each tab, including the Threat Matrix, and you’ll have a written DR Plan in no time. Click the image below to download.

But, assessments and plans are not enough; they are only theories; to protect your business, you must act!

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) utilizes a third party to back up your systems and provide a fail-over mechanism to keep your business up and running even if your servers are compromised, damaged, or destroyed.

A DRaaS provider will save your company time, money, and resources while supporting your business with a high level of data recovery expertise, which you probably do not have in-house.

Beware, Ransomware Is On The RiseAgain!

Cybercriminals have increased their attacks on small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs). They view SMBs as low-hanging fruit because they don’t have the massive security budgets of large corporations.

Cyber-crooks have changed their tactics to increase their paydays. Many businesses (and you should be one of them!) have Cybersecurity Insurance policies to protect themselves financially against attacks, especially ransomware. To take advantage of this, hackers now:

  • Infiltrate a business network first
  • Find the cybersecurity insurance policy info
  • Unleash the ransomware attack
  • Demand an amount equal to the policy limit

As you can imagine, insurance companies are now demanding the implementation of stringent security protocols before giving out policies, with an effective backup strategy as one of their top requirements.

A Business Continuity program Is A Must Have

To fully protect your business, you must have a written Disaster Recovery Plan PLUS, a wide-ranging backup strategy in place.

In our mind, the best backup system is a Hybrid-cloud Business Continuity solution by Datto. It checks all of the backup requirement boxes (and then some) while keeping your backups super-safe.

As a DRaaS provider, we’ll install, manage, monitor, and maintain a Datto Business Continuity solution for you, giving you the peace of mind you need and comprehensive backup protection for your business.

If a disaster occurs, XSolutions will be there to assist in your quick data recovery. How quick? Minutes to hours versus days to weeks for other solutions.


Every SMB that does not have an IT department should consider a DRaaS provider as an extra insurance policy against the internet’s scourge―ransomware.

To learn how XSolutions can help you, Click Here.

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