XSolutions’ Article Series Guides Businesses In Disaster Recovery Planning

XSolutions Consulting Services’ recent newsletter article series educates business owners on the importance of having an IT Disaster Recovery plan and how to avoid the fate of many companies that go out of business after suffering a major disaster.  Recent events have showed us how vulnerable we are when catastrophe, natural or man-made, strikes.

POMONA, NEW YORK (PRWEB) OCTOBER 05, 2012—XSolutions Consulting Services LLC has written a series of articles promoting Disaster Recovery Planning among small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs). Numerous studies show that as many as 70% of small businesses close their doors shortly after suffering from a major disaster. Those businesses were not prepared and suffered as a result. The key to surviving a disaster is planning; giving careful thought to your company’s IT needs and taking steps to ensure that they are met during and after a catastrophe. A disaster plan must have at its core the concept of Business Continuity.

Through its articles, XSolutions hopes to increase awareness among SMBs that IT disaster planning is critical to their long term survival. These articles are free to read and are designed to stimulate action among small business owners. Here is what you’ll learn:

Issue 14 – “Every Business Needs An IT Backup / Disaster Recovery Plan”: this article discusses the differences between a mere backup plan and a full Disaster Recovery Plan. It goes on to list a series of questions SMBs can use to check their own plans to make sure they’re covered.

Issue 18 – “The Weakest Link in IT Security“: learn how social engineering attacks are used by cyber criminals to gain entry into a firm’s computer systems and what businesses can do to thwart their advances. Cyber-crime is a serious issue and generates millions of dollars in losses each year.

Issue 19 – “Your Business Needs A Records Management Program”: many companies only think about the data they currently hold in their computer systems, however, what they may not realize is that critical hard copy documents and digitized files not stored in a central, protected location makes a business vulnerable if disaster strikes. Therefore, a Records Management Program is a vital piece of a comprehensive disaster plan.

Issue 20 – “Establish An Emergency Operations Center”: if your main location is destroyed in a catastrophe, how will your business survive? This article discusses what you need to consider when creating an Emergency Operations Center from which you’ll direct the recovery efforts of your business and communicate with employees and customers during and after a disaster. The key is advanced planning.

“Backup / Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are areas of paramount importance to all businesses”, says Joseph Imperato Sr., Managing Partner at XSolutions. “Merely backing up data is not enough to ensure a company’s survival. That is why we wrote these articles and we plan to post more information on this critical topic”.

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