12 Reasons To Convert To Microsoft Office 365

exchangeThinking about separating your email system from your onsite server configuration? Smart move! Our advice: go with Microsoft Office 365 (MSO365) over any third party Hosted Exchange Provider you find.

Microsoft Office 365 is hard to beat, not only on price but on features.  Here’s 12 reasons why MSO365 should be part of your business configuration:

  1. You’ll gain an immediate boost to your company’s Disaster Recovery Plan.  Should your servers suffer damage during a disaster, you’ll still be able to communicate with employees and customers using any internet-connected computer or smart phone.
  2. Extremely competitive pricing. Currently, plans are between $5.00 and $15.00 per user depending on your needs. I find it hard to believe that any third party vendor can beat Microsoft in this respect.
  3. Your email is available anywhere you have an internet connection, giving you true mobility.
  4. You’ll no longer need to purchase server hardware to run your email system. It’s all in the cloud.
  5. Free your “in-house computer guru” from the hassles of maintaining an onsite email system, so he or she can actually do the job they were hired to do in the first place.
  6. End ongoing investments in additional email software forever. As part of the service, Microsoft will supply your business with all that you need.
  7. Backups — Microsoft maintains data centers all over the world. Your data is saved to geographically dispersed data centers with full redundancy.
  8. Access your email on laptops, workstations and mobile devices. Email, calendars, etc. can be synched across all devices giving you access wherever you are.
  9. Scalability. Microsoft Office 365 allows companies to quickly increase or decrease mailboxes as the need arises. Pay only for what you use.
  10. Reliability is essential for all businesses. Microsoft gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee and they have the infrastructure in place to back it up.
  11. Microsoft operates high-secure data centers employing the latest security measures and processes. Rest assured, your data is safe.
  12. Some MSO365 plans include the full Microsoft Office Productivity Suite, allowing each user to install it on up to five (5) personal and business computers, potentially saving companies hundreds or even thousands of dollars in license fees. This alone makes MSO365 worth the price!

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