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Be Proactive And Protect Yourself Online

Skull & CrossbonesIt happens so often now that we’re all getting used to it. Another data breach, this time at insurance giant, Anthem. 80 million records were stolen. That means the criminal forums will soon be flooded with personal information they can use to steal identities, open bogus accounts, etc.

You may ask — when will this stop? Unfortunately, the answer is NEVER!

With all of the recent news about high-profile hacks such as Target, Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase, Sony, and now Anthem, it appears that even the mega corporations with all of their money can’t stop the data breaches. Sadly, it’s a fact of life.

That’s why we each have to take responsibility for our own security. We need to be more aware of our “cyber-surroundings” and take precautions to make it harder for criminals to victimize us.

We’ve posted many articles on our blog about online security (see below) but it’s apparent that you need to constantly monitor your own data, especially financial information. In today’s world, everything is online: our bank accounts, credit cards, credit reports, etc. So, take advantage of this and monitor them constantly.

Log onto your bank and credit card websites often and review posted transactions. Question anything you don’t recognize and be ready to take immediate action if you believe you’ve been the victim of fraud. Don’t forget to also monitor your credit reports to make sure that someone isn’t opening credit cards in your name.

Don’t wait for paper statements in the mail or to be told by your bank or credit card company that you don’t have the balance and credit you thought you had. Be proactive and take steps to protect yourself.

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