Oatmeal cookie recipe. Home cookbook. Step by step cooking instructions

The Recipe for Strong Cybersecurity


Cookies. Cakes. Pies. Brownies. All fantastic treats to have when you’re feeling down. But do you know the easiest and most satisfying dish to make? Strong Cybersecurity!

Let’s quickly go over what you’ll need and the steps to take to have a truly cyber-safe digital presence!


  • Computer, laptop, tablet, phone, or some other device that connects to the Internet 
  • 1x Continuous Training Program
  • 1x Password Manager
  • 1x Multi-Factor Authentication
  • 1x Dark Web Monitoring Service
  • 1x Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • 1x Spam Filter
  • 1x Data Breach Strategy

The Recipe

  • Sign up for Cybersecurity Awareness Training:
    • Take the required Annual Cybersecurity Training to ensure you’re up on the latest security trends.
    • Every week, watch your Weekly Micro-Training videos and take the quiz. The videos are short (less than 5 minutes) and thoroughly review essential cybersecurity issues.
  • Make your passwords or passphrases extra-long, complex, and unique:
    • NEVER repeat a password, or it will ruin the dish.
    • Use a password manager, so you only have to remember one master passphrase.
  • Turn on Multi-Factor Authentication on all accounts.
  • Monitor the Dark Web:
    • If your password, username, or email has been found on the Dark Web, then change them immediately!
    • Contact the proper authorities, and financial and medical institutions if you see more detailed info on the Dark Web, such as your SSN, or Medical ID number. In such cases, consider credit monitoring and freezes. Be proactive in your defense!
  • Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when in public or at all times. Cybercriminals use public wi-fi to break into your devices and infect them with malware.


While no one can guarantee that you’ll never be breached, the above actions will make you better protected than most people. And always remember, no matter how strong your cyber defenses are, you are at risk if the people around you do not practice good cyber hygiene. So always be on your guard and never click on links or open attachments in unexpected emails or texts. Instead, check with the sender before taking any action that can open you and your network to cybercrime.

Be safe.

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