Case study: QuadLogic

Case study at a glance

Company: QuadLogic

Industry: Manufacturing

Employees: 75+

Locations: 1

Founded in 1982, Quadlogic is the most widely specified electric submetering system company in New York. Quadlogic offers complete submetering solutions for any property type, as well as a suite of energy management services that include reading and tenant billing, energy sourcing, and compliance testing. Their submetering systems are installed in multi-tenant commercial and residential buildings nationwide.

the challenge

The challenge

Over the years, QuadLogic’s complicated IT infrastructure had grown messy and was constantly giving them issues. Besides device and server crashes, employees were constantly complaining about connectivity and problems accessing applications – a problem that could impact their ability to recruit and retain a younger workforce.

“Our infrastructure had built up into a spaghetti mess,” said Thomas George, QuadLogic’s VP of Technology. “I was constantly chasing issues with no direction toward how to stabilize the system.”

“Our infrastructure had built up into a spaghetti mess.” 

Over the years, many different people had handled their IT, but there had been no concerted effort to keep things updated. Even the internal IT person on staff couldn’t keep up with the mounting problems.

“In short, IT was a sideline activity,” said George, “We needed a direction and help with our strategy.”


The approach

QuadLogic knew that a single internal IT person was not going to solve their problems and decided to look for a completely outsourced solution. They began interviewing potential IT service providers and took advantage of the XSolutions free data risk assessment.

“We interviewed a lot of different companies and liked the approach of XSolutions the best,” said George, “what really clinched the deal was them coming over and doing a free audit of our network.”

“What really clinched the deal was them coming over and doing a free audit of our network.”

Technology expertise was not the only thing QuadLogic was looking for. They wanted to find a partner that demonstrated transparent communication, a trustworthy track record, and personable staff. And that’s what they found with XSolutions. 

“Their knowledge and approach was to work with us to solve problems instead of telling us what to do.” said George. “They communicate openly and we feel they are very trustworthy.”

Based on the assessment, XSolutions went to work crafting a strategy to address their needs. The entire IT infrastructure needed to be updated to support both current business operations and future growth. They also needed a mature business continuity solution that would protect their business should disaster strike.

the sulution

The solution

XSolutions got to work creating a custom solution to address all of QuadLogic’s needs.

Starting with the infrastructure as a whole, XSolutions moved QuadLogic to a virtual machine architecture. They replaced aging and poorly managed servers with new virtual host servers that could run virtual machines. They also shifted their end users from endpoints to workstations, a change the employees have been very happy with.

To address QuadLogic’s poorly managed backups, XSolutions identified a solution that was properly configured to support their business objectives. XSolutions set up a professional, consistent backup system to protect their data and helped them create a business continuity plan to protect their entire operation.

Installing a properly-sized Datto business continuity appliance provided on-site restore and failover capabilities, in addition to robust cloud replication to two data centers. Now their systems are maintained, monitored, and regularly verified to be working properly. This means that should disaster strike, everything from a single file to an entire server can be quickly restored, keeping them up and running in any situation.

“XSolutions got us to a stable place,” said George. “Our systems are all much more reliable.”

“XSolutions got us to a stable place.”


The results

QuadLogic now has a streamlined and efficient IT infrastructure that just works. George no longer has to deal with constant technology complaints from employees, so he now has time to focus on other, more important business activities.

“Our IT was very visible before, because it was always breaking. Now our IT is invisible, which is good,” said George. “It should be like electricity or water. It’s just there when you need it and you don’t even have to think about it.”

“Now our IT is invisible, which is good.” 

Thanks to the new data backup and disaster recovery solution, QuadLogic also has peace of mind knowing that the business will be protected should disaster strike.

“We sleep much better knowing there is a good backup for our systems,” said George.