Fire, Flood and Your Business

A large toxic fire begins to take hold of a downtown warehouse.


Fires and floods can have a massive negative impact on your business. Each year, over 100,000 commercial building fires devastate property. Additionally, water damage from failed plumbing and sprinkler systems short-circuit equipment with zero warning. Both can potentially result in catastrophic data loss, putting affected businesses at great risk of going under.

What you can do now

  1. Maintain continuous off-site backup of data, applications, and server images to at least two (2) geographically separated data centers in the cloud. Traditional data backups are not enough.
  2. Make sure your cloud backups can be virtualized quickly and that you can run full network operations from them until your onsite infrastructure is permanently repaired or replaced.
  3. Make prior arrangements to re-route incoming calls to an alternative site and/or mobile phones.
  4. Review your insurance and banking needs now! Make sure you have comprehensive insurance coverage for your business and access to immediate capital to tide you over until your insurance kicks in.
  5. Have a written Business Continuity plan that includes:
    • Arrangements in advance for temporary office space for continuing operations.
    • Work-at-home options as appropriate to minimize short term financial strain on the business.
    • Communication systems for keeping employees and clients abreast of important information.
    • Arrangements for third-party contractors to bridge short term operational deficiencies.

Install a failsafe data protection solution immediately

Catastrophic data loss can put you out of business very quickly. Studies show that 70% of companies that suffer a catastrophic data loss go out of business within one year. Most rely only on traditional data backup systems and cannot recover fast enough before being forced to permanently close their doors.

The ultimate protection against data loss is a Hybrid-cloud backup solution that provides for:

  1. Instant onsite failover for super-fast, local restores.
  2. Cloud failover to two (2) geographically separated locations for maximum protection and redundancy.
  3. Image capture for fast restores.
  4. Bare Metal Restore capability.
  5. Full management from installation to monitoring to maintenance and finally, restoration.


Fire, flood and other disasters can happen very quickly with little or no warning. Businesses that are prepared will survive—those that aren’t will fail. Take steps now to protect the livelihoods of you and your employees. Don’t become a statistic—plan to stay in business!


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