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Disaster Recovery Planning Step 10 – Client Contacts


When disaster strikes, open communication with your clients is a must to protect the business relationship, otherwise competitors may move in to poach your customers using your apparent “struggling recovery” as a convincing argument to switch.

Your written Disaster Plan should contain the contact information of the executive level for your good clients or the location of where that information can be accessed.

The list must be accessible to appropriate management personnel whether they are located on site or in another location during the recovery. This is where the cloud comes into its own. Just make sure it is super-secure to guard against hackers, etc.

Here’s the info you need:

  • Client Company
  • Address
  • Main Company Telephone number
  • Website
  • Main Contact’s Name
  • Contact’s Office Number
  • Contact’s Cell Number (if possible)
  • Contact’s Email Address


When disaster strikes, time is critical and your main enemy. Your client list is one of your main assets and must be protected. Without it, you’re out-of-business. Treat it as such.

Make sure you have the ability to contact all of your clients, in the event of a disaster, to reassure them that you are recovering as planned and that you will be there to service their needs.

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