Security Alert: Flaw In NetUSB Software Allows Home Routers To Be Taken Over By Hackers Causing Havoc

Router2NetUSB software is used in many popular home routers made by well-known companies such as Netgear, TP-Link and TrendNet.

Taking advantage of the software’s vulnerability, a hacker can take over the router and inject malware, spy on users, or make it crash altogether.

Experts suggest disabling the NetUSB software and blocking port 20005 on your router’s firewall.

For more information, click the link to read EmsiSoft’s post, “NetUSB hack puts Millions of home users at risk“.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen many cases where small businesses use home routers for their networks because they are less expensive and they feel that their system needs are minimal.

Always check wiith your Computer Support Professional before purchasing any equipment for your business to make sure you are getting the right gear to properly support your needs.

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