Security Alert: New Ransomware Ups The Ante

Malwarebytes’ blog reports that a new Ransomware variant, attacking poorly secured web servers, is demanding $999 to liberate compromised sites. The hackers are obviously located in Russia or a nearby country since they’re offering to unlock attacked websites for free if the victim lives in the region.

The best protection against ransomware is having a secure backup of your web files with the ability to quickly recover them should your site be attacked.

Once ransomware gets onto your server and encrypts your files, you either recover from your backup system, or if your backups aren’t viable, pay the ransom and hope the criminals send you the decryption key. Definetly not a good position for any business to be in.

Let this be a warning to all businesses: backup your systems using a Business Continuity solution so you won’t be at the mercy of hackers.

This post is concerning attacked websites, but criminals have been using ransomware like CryptoLocker to attack business networks— and those attacks are on the rise. Take action and protect your business with a good Business Continuity solution.


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