Comparison Of Backup Solutions

Why Businesses Pay The Ransom

The news is full of stories about businesses making huge ransom payments. Have you ever wondered why? Some victims were well-known, large entities with huge IT budgets. You would think they would be better prepared for ransomware attacks. Having bigger budgets does not mean better preparedness.

Businesses who were forced to pay ransoms, poorly planned their backup strategies and made poor choices selecting appropriate backup solutions.

Before you select a backup strategy and solution, there are a few things you must know.

Three Kinds Of Backup Solutions

There are generally three kinds of backup solutions:

Data Backup

  • Only backs up data; source programs are not copied.
  • Slow – backs up one (1) file at a time.
  • Does not guarantee a quick recovery.
  • Hard to verify if backup data is viable.
  • Useful for small companies that produce and store little information.

Image-based Backup

  • Takes an image of a server, allowing for quicker restorations.
  • Snapshots the entire system, including source programs, Operating System, etc.
  • It does not provide instant Failover.
  • Better than Data Backup, but cannot guarantee fast recoveries.

Hybrid-cloud Business Continuity Solution

  • Saves images to an onsite device PLUS two cloud locations.
  • Instant Failover so you can operate from an onsite device or the cloud.
  • Images can be applied to different hardware with Bare Metal Restore.
  • Daily Screenshots of boot-up screens verifies the viability of backups.
  • Full Management: installation, monitoring, maintenance, and recovery.
  • A complete Business Continuity solution—such as from Datto with Inverse Chain Technology—an advantage you can ill afford to pass up.

Choice Of A Backup Solution Is Critical To Survival

With data backup,  you’ll be down for days after a ransomware attack. You must first wipe out your drives and then reinstall EVERYTHING! If the latest backup is unusable, you’ll need to use an earlier one. Staff will need to recreate all records from the date of the last backup.

You’re in a better position with Image-based backup. You’ll need to wipe out your drives and apply the latest image to your Server. If the backup is viable, this can take hours for local restores. With cloud backups, Time-to-Recovery is longer, depending on download speed. If an error occurs during download, you’ll need to start over.

In a disaster, time is your chief enemy. This crazy-busy world of ours is unforgiving. If you cannot recover quickly, your customers will find someone else and force you out of business.

Datto’s Hybrid-Cloud BCDR Solution Eliminates Ransom Payments

Datto’s technology allows you to:

  • Shorten backup time with its patented Inverse Chain Technology.
  • Quickly spin up virtual machines, reducing Recovery Time.
  • Save data to three locations: onsite and two cloud data centers for redundancy.
  • Restore images to different hardware using Bare Metal Restore.
  • Run servers from an onsite device or the cloud.
  • Get alerts if ransomware is detected in a backup.

With a Datto BCDR system, you’ll never have to pay the ransom! If attacked:

  1. Go back to your most recent backup.
  2. Instantly spin up a virtual server and continue operating, business-as-usual.
  3. After your IT has cleaned your physical Server, apply your updated image back to it.
  4. Switch to your physical Server and continue working with virtually no interruptions.
  5. Ignore further demands to pay the ransom.

Datto’s Hybrid-cloud BCDR Solution is easy, quick, and thorough. Think Business Continuity rather than just backing up data. For more information, call us at (845) 362-9675 or email us at [email protected].

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