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BDR And Cybersecurity — Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Every day, I review many blogs to keep up with what is going on in the cybersecurity field. What I’ve noticed is that many articles separate Security and BDR. This the wrong approach.

Backup/Disaster Recovery is an essential part of IT security. BDR is not only a failsafe if your network goes down, it is important to operational integrity.

Don’t believe me? Below are some questions you should ask yourself BEFORE disaster strikes:

  • What are the likely threats to your business that can bring your network to a grinding halt? Are you prepared?
  • Do you have resiliency baked in so you can you get your systems up and running quickly to avoid long outages?
  • Will your employees be safe during and after the crisis? Can they work-from-home or go to an alternate site?
  • Is your data safely backed up and viable? Do you check regularly?
  • Will your competitors be able to take advantage during a crisis and steal your clients?
  • Are you in compliance with industry and Government regulations?

There are more questions to ask. Ask them now, not after disaster strikes. A good Disaster Recovery Plan will address the above questions, and more.

Security systems guard your network from attack, then attempt to mitigate issues that occur. The right Backup/Disaster Recovery solutions keep your data safe, so you can recover quickly.

Folks, cybersecurity and Backup/Disaster Recovery are two sides of the same coin. You should NEVER operate without both.

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