XSolutions’ Article Gives Practical Advice To Businesses In Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

XSolutions has posted a blog article discussing immediate actions businesses can take to minimize damage to their operations should another Super Storm like Hurricane Sandy hit us in the near future.

POMONA, NEW YORK (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 29, 2012— In an effort to give practical and actionable advice especially to small business owners, XSolutions posted a new blog article that is intended to be used as a near-term checklist of what to do to prepare their business-companies should another Super Storm come upon us.

The article “Business Lessons From Hurricane Sandy” outlines immediate steps small firms can take to protect their IT infrastructure and maintain communications during and after a disaster.

“Hurricane Sandy was a storm of epic proportions. Now that it is over, we need to heed its lessons and take immediate steps to ensure that our businesses can survive future Super Storms”, says Joseph Imperato Sr., Managing Partner at XSolutions. “The purpose of this blog post is to give immediate and actionable advice to business owners on how to protect their companies”.

XSolutions advises all businesses to create a Backup/Disaster Recovery (BDR) plan with Business Continuity as its central focus. “Taking the steps as outlined in this article is no substitute for a having a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan in place” says Joseph Imperato Sr. “Hurricane Sandy has taught all of us the importance of Disaster Recovery Planning”.

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