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XSolutions Unveils Starter Website Program to Reduce the Cost and Hassle of Getting On the Net for Small Businesses

XSolutions Consulting Services LLC, a full service IT Consulting Firm located in Rockland County, New York, specializing in Managed IT Services, Web Design, and Custom Software Development, unveiled its new Starter Website Program to ease the cost of creating and managing websites for small companies.

POMONA, NEW YORK (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 27, 2012—Many small businesses still do not have a website. In fact, a recent study from Statistic Brain puts that percentage as high as 75%. BizReport cites a study from WebVisible claiming that nearly 50% of businesses either do not have a website or do not put much effort to promote the site they do have. Whichever number you believe, the fact is that these statistics are staggering and troubling.

“Without a website, your business is virtually invisible to your prospects and customers”, says Joseph Imperato Sr., Managing Partner at XSolutions. “Today, people use the internet to find vendors; the printed phone book is a relic from the past. If you do not have a website not many people will know your business exists”.

In an effort to help small companies, XSolutions unveiled its new Starter Website Program specifically designed to get a basic website up and running in just a few days. For less than $10.00 a month, XSolutions will:

  • Create a basic two-page site for your small business
  • Register, for free, your site’s domain name
  • Include five email addresses giving you a more professional presence
  • Host and manage your site for one full year, saving you the hassle of dealing with site administration

Other Service Providers offer template sites that small business owners have to create and manage themselves. With an XSolutions Starter Program, XSolutions does all of the work. All that is required is for the business owner to answer a few questions and XSolutions does the rest.

Small business owners are simply too busy to deal with creating and maintaining a website even though they know it is vital to their success. Sometimes a Starter Site is all that a small company needs. Others use the Starter Site as a placeholder on the web until a larger site is planned and launched. Either way, the cost and hassle of getting on the web has just been significantly reduced.

About XSolutions Consulting Services LLC

XSolutions is a full service IT Company located in Rockland County, New York specializing in providing Managed IT Services, Web Design and Custom Software Development. XSolutions has extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of Microsoft products such as MS Server, MS Small Business Server, and MS Office products. Through their partnership with Microsoft, XSolutions is able to bring clients the latest in high-value software products to help them compete in a constantly changing business environment. XSolutions’ range of services include Managed IT Services, Web Design and Hosting, Cloud and Hosted Services, Microsoft SharePoint installations, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Custom Software Development, and General IT Consulting. XSolutions also issues an informative newsletter, The Letter “X”, providing feature articles addressing current computing issues. For more information visit XSolutions website or call 845-362-9675.