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5 things to consider (other than cost) when purchasing new technology

When you’re purchasing new technology or hardware for your company, costs aren’t the only factor to consider. You want to make the right investment for your company’s short and long-term business objectives. But what factors matter most in making those all-important purchases?

We’ve listed the 5 top considerations you should make before committing to new equipment around the office.

What you need from your technology

You should always consider what you need your technology to do for you before you invest in any purchases. Write down a strategy that outlines where your business is, what you need to take your operations to the next level, and how this technology helps you get there. This approach helps identify the right purchase for your business needs.

How current is the technology?

Technology evolves at such a rapid pace that many products lose their edge within a year or so of coming to market. It all depends on the equipment you’re purchasing – mobile phone tech, for example, typically changes much faster than printer tech.

A top tip is to shop around. Once you find a product you’re interested in, check to see how long it’s been on the market, and when the next models are due out. Recent or brand-new models that contain the latest advances (and protections) may make a better investment in the long run, especially if they give you easier access to the cloud or improved cybersecurity

What level of support you need

It’s not uncommon to purchase reasonably priced equipment only to find out that it’s no longer supported. This is very frustrating, particularly if you’re trying to integrate new technology into your workplace.

Before purchasing something, make sure it’s still supported by the manufacturer, and ensure it comes with a proper warranty.

It’s also worth considering how much implementation support you’re likely to need when you integrate  the new technology into your business network and introduce it to users. Do you have an IT support provider in place, and are you likely to need one now? Always factor this into your planning calculations.

How the equipment fares against its competitors

Consumer reviews can be a very reliable way to see how that technology you’ve got your eye on stacks up against other models and versions out there. Reviews, whether positive or negative, often flag up similar themes – for example, maybe it’s user-friendly but it’s unreliable.

Review the experiences of other businesses with the equipment before deciding whether it deserves a place in your own organization. It doesn’t take long to peruse reviews, and this can save you time, headaches and resources in the long run.

Your future business goals

It’s important that any new technology you purchase is scalable and adaptable to your changing business needs. What works for you now may no longer serve your business in a year – for example, if your storage needs change. Don’t just think in the short-term when you’re investing in new software or equipment. Think about where your business is going, and whether the technology can serve the right purpose.


Before purchasing new technology for your business, be sure to do your research on internal and external considerations. Knowing your purchasing priorities, what your team needs the technology to do, and how the technology aligns with your business goals will help you make the right purchase to help your company succeed and grow. Be sure to check out consumer reviews for indication of how the hardware fares in companies like yours.

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