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Cybercrime Is Everyone’s Problem


It is safe to say that just about everyone uses the internet. Some use computers in the office and at home; others use iPads, cellphones, or other devices. Even our homes are “smart” with internet-enabled thermostats, refrigerators, etc. Nothing is out of the reach of cyberspace.

And…therein lies the problem.

Those That Don’t Use The Internet Are Also In Danger

Some people feel immune to cybercrime because they aren’t active online. They don’t use social media or bother much with email. So they’re safe―WRONG!

Since just about everything is connected, what a cybercriminal does in Russia or China can affect the daily lives of everyone. Case-in-point―the recent Colonial Pipeline breach.

The breach caused a mad rush to the pump as gas prices soared. The news was filled with “experts” saying that the interruption may last for weeks. Panic set in.

Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly the level of chaos predicted, but it did bring many things to the surface for people. An attack on the nation’s infrastructure could leave us vulnerable in many ways.

For instance, what if the Colonial breach interrupted fuel supplies to the point that there was no gas for ambulances?  Suddenly we have a healthcare crisis on our hands. What if the next ransomware attack brings down the energy grid? We’ll then have a humanitarian crisis.

How about something a little closer to home? Cybercriminals have been attacking banks for decades. What if hackers bring down several major banking institutions at the same time? How calm do you think we’d be without access to our money for weeks or maybe longer?

You don’t have to be an internet user to feel the effects of a cyber-attack. Cybercrime is everyone’s problem, and if it doesn’t affect your office or your Facebook account, it will still affect you in one way or another. 

Ransomware Is The Scourge Of The Internet

The most potent weapon cybercriminals have is Ransomware. Each year, hackers rake in billions of dollars. Some people think it’s funny when they see governments and big corporations fork over millions in ransom payments. They feel that hackers have scored one for the little guy. But they’re wrong.

Who do you think eventually pays when Governments and corporations get hit with losses? We do―in the form of higher taxes, prices at the gas pumps and cash registers, and increased insurance premiums.

Do you think the criminals care? Hell no! They don’t pay taxes and are millionaires, so general price increases don’t bother them much. And, let’s not forget―they’re criminals, so they probably don’t pay for many goods and services. They steal them instead.

Do you think the Government and mega-corporations care? No! A five million dollar ransomware payment is a “drop-in-the-bucket” to them.

The increased taxes and prices cover their losses as the burden is passed on to the public. That’s you and me, folks.

Businesses And Governments Must Take Cybercrime More Seriously

The Government needs to update our infrastructure. The computer systems of companies that provide or distribute fuel and power should be held to much higher standards than they presently are. It is a matter of national security.

The attitude has to change!

Companies large and small also need to do their part. After all, your customers and employees depend on you―business owners and corporate executives. Is your business making cybersecurity a top priority in the workplace? If not, I suggest you start now.

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