Cyber Attack

31 Timeless Cybersecurity Tips

Cybersecurity Is Hard, But Necessary

Folks, we know that cybersecurity is complicated, sometimes expensive, but can be outright deadly to your business if ignored. The bad guys have forced us to live in a world that we all don’t want to be part of.

But…it is what it is, so let’s stop whining and do something about it!

You see, besides the latest security hardware and software, cybersecurity demands common sense. So, there are many low-cost and no-cost things you can do to protect your company, employees, and families. You have to make up your mind to do them.

XSolutions is here to help with 31 low-cost tips that, if implemented, will make your business (and yourself) more secure. Here they are.

31 Cybersecurity Tips To Keep You Safe

  1. Set up cybersecurity training for your staff.
  2. Require the use of strong passwords.
  3. Make sure you properly dispose of equipment. Remember, most equipment today have hard drives that need to be wiped out BEFORE discarding.
  4. Use encryption to protect data and minimize breaches.
  5. Back up your data regularly, preferably every 15 minutes, using a Business Continuity solution.
  6. Test your backups daily to make sure they’re viable. The time to find out that your backups are unusable is not when a disaster strikes.
  7. Regularly patch your operating systems and all other applications.
  8. Use Multi-Factor Authentication on any application that accepts it.
  9. Make sure you have a good cyber insurance policy to protect your business.
  10. Regularly review and remove unused and unnecessary apps to eliminate vulnerabilities.
  11. Use trusted antivirus and antimalware software. Remember, free software is not a bargain if it doesn’t protect you.
  12.  Don’t overshare on social media.
  13. Have a mobile device action plan. Make sure it is encrypted and can wipe the drive remotely if lost or stolen.
  14. Regularly audit systems to identify unusual behaviors.
  15. Always stay updated on current threats. Follow a few trusted security blogs.
  16. Beware of malvertising and other online ads.
  17. Document policies & procedures.
  18. Work with a trusted Managed IT Services vendor.
  19. Keep your web browsers updated.
  20. Don’t connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks.
  21. Do not plug unknown devices into your computer.
  22. Confirm requests, especially financial transactions, with management via multiple communication channels.
  23. Take a proactive stance on cybersecurity and compliance.
  24. Monitor credit and financial statements for anomalies.
  25. Perform vulnerability scans.
  26. Have a written and tested Disaster Recovery Plan. Don’t have one? Use ours; it’s FREE, in Excel format, and does not require registration. Click here to download our FREE BDR Template.
  27. Review access controls regularly.
  28. Perform a data audit – know what you have and where it is.
  29. Always lock your devices.
  30. NEVER click links in emails, especially if you do not know the sender or expect it.
  31. Review regularly, and delete old user accounts.


If you and your employees put the above tips into practice, you’ll be better protected than most small businesses. Although the above security tips cannot possibly protect you 100% of the time, you won’t be a “push-over” for hackers either.

Now, it’s your turn. Implement the above tips for your security. Be safe.

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