UPDATE Button on Computer Keyboard

Don’t Put Off Those Annoying Updates!

Updates NEVER Come At A Convenient Time

You’re trying to make a deadline when that popup occurs, “upgrades available.” So, like most people, you defer it to another time.  After all, your boss needs this report now, and besides, your PC is working fine. It’s OK. Right? WRONG!

Let Those Updates Happen

Although you can postpone an update until after your workday ends, putting it off for days or longer is the wrong thing to do. Just make sure the update is for an application or program you know is legitimate. NEVER blindly approve an update without knowing what program the message refers to, and certainly don’t start an update by clicking a link in an email notification.

We all know, it’s not the actual update that bothers us. It’s the time we think we’re wasting while it is going on. So, postpone updates until after you finish work, but make sure they happen.

Those updates contain fixes to bugs that either affects the program’s performance or close a security issue with the software. Who knows? It might even include a new feature that you’ll need.

Patch Consistently And Patch Often

Patching security flaws is an easy way to tighten your security. Hackers are masters of taking advantage of little-known software vulnerabilities. Unknown bugs, called zero-day vulnerabilities, have been responsible for some of the most publicized hacks and costs businesses billions each year.

Consequently, a business that does not have a consistent patching program is a company waiting to be breached.

Most importantly, don’t forget your smartphones. They usually contain lots of confidential information that would be very interesting and lucrative to hackers.

Automation Can Help

Certainly, automation can help reduce the burden of managing updates and patches. You can configure your devices to update automatically. DO IT!

Above all, if you don’t have an IT department, then hire a Managed Services Provider (MSP), like XSolutions, to manage your equipment and network to keep it safe and humming along. Be safe.

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