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Is Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery The Same?


We get this question a lot. I suppose over the years; many people use the terms interchangeably. Although different, they are strongly linked.

Disaster Recovery is concerned with getting an organization’s IT infrastructure up and running after disaster strikes. It is a more focused part of a written Business Continuity Plan.

Business Continuity refers to getting the entire business up and running after a disaster. This means the organization’s whole infrastructure: IT operations, various departments (accounting, HR, sales, etc.), facilities (repaired, temporary location, or virtual)―in short, the entire company as a whole.

To confuse matters a little, Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) often refers to comprehensive IT backup solutions that minimize downtime and allows a business’s computer operations to continue even if their actual servers are compromised, damaged, or destroyed.

Both Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Are Crucial

When we hear the word “disaster,” most of us think of hurricanes, etc. However, a hack or ransomware attack can shut down a business, many times for good. Cyber-attacks are also disasters. You need to be prepared.

Company management is entrusted with the well being of the business (operations, employees, customers, data, etc.). A comprehensive written plan covering the entire business is a must.

The Importance Of IT

After people, the most important thing to all companies is its data. It is central to a business’s long-term survival. Therefore, part of Business Continuity is a detailed plan of how you back up your data, recover it, and continue IT operations after disaster strikes.

For Business Owners and company executives, the decisions you make about the type of backup system you employ can be the difference between thriving or going out of business. It’s that important!

The Best Backup System To Use

We’ve outlined the differences between data only backup, and Hybrid-cloud Business Continuity solutions in previous posts.

If you read our previous articles and do some research, you’ll find that the most comprehensive system is a Hybrid-cloud Business Continuity solution.  This type of solution gives you:

  • An image-based solution for faster and more complete recoveries.
  • Instant onsite fail-over to quickly restore server functionality from a local onsite device.
  • Cloud image backups are automatically saved to two geographically dispersed data centers for redundancy.
  • Bare metal restore capability so you can restore systems on different hardware.
  • Daily backup verification, ensuring that your backups are always viable and available.
  • And more…

The most comprehensive Hybrid-cloud Business Continuity solution is by Datto.

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