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Disaster Recovery Planning Step 13 – Licenses & Permits


Our last installment covered Insurance, Finance and Legal documents that you should have access to when disaster strikes to aid in your recovery. Related to Step 12 is the next step in our Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP), Licenses & Permits.

Each company is unique and may have different documents that must be kept on file for regulatory purposes. However, most companies will need to have their business license, State Sales Tax permits, Federal Corporation/Entity documents, etc. on hand.

If possible, keep the originals off premises. If that is not feasible, at least keep digital copies in the Cloud. Always make sure when storing digital copies in the cloud, that there are strong security measures in place (i.e. encryption, etc.) to foil hackers, etc.

OK, now that you have your documents safe, your DRP should contain basic information about each one and most importantly, where the original document and/or digital copy can be retrieved. Here’s what your matrix should include:

  • License/Permit Number
  • Issuing Agency
  • Agency Name and Contact Information
  • Purpose of Document (i.e. Business License, State Sales Tax Certificate, etc.)
  • Date Issued
  • Next Renewal Date
  • Location of hard Copy (i.e. original)
  • Location of copy (i.e. digital copy)


Having these documents safe and accessible can save you a lot of time and grief. Should they be destroyed in a disaster, it takes a lot of time to deal with Government agencies to get replacements. Additionally, if asked to produce a document, you’ll always have it on hand to show that your business has the right to operate legally.

When disaster strikes, you’ll have a lot on your plate. Tracking down basic business documents should not be something that interferes with your recovery efforts.

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