Back Up And Restore Keys For Data Security

Is a System Image the Same as a Backup?

This is a frequent question from non-IT managers. The answer is that a system image or snapshot is a backup on steroids. Let us go through the two central backup systems in use today. Then, we’ll discuss the only one that makes good business sense.

Data Only Backup versus Image-Based Backup

Data Only Backup:

  • Saves your data only.
  • Slow, backs up 1 file at a time.
  • Difficult to test if the backup is working.
  • Risky if you are backing up to only one location.
  • Perceived cost savings are deceiving. The cost of one hour of downtime can be thousands of dollars.
  • Full recoveries are measured in days to weeks. The more data involved, the longer the recovery time.

Image-based Backup:

  • Takes a complete picture of a server, allowing for quick restorations.
  • Snapshots include the operating system, server settings, source programs, and data.
  • It is faster because the entire image is copied to the server. Restores from the Cloud will depend on download speed since images are large.
  • Images may not be able to be applied to different server hardware.
  • Image-based backup does not provide instant Failover.
  • Full recoveries can take hours to days, depending on the severity.

A Better Alternative

An Image-based backup is better than data-only backup. To ensure quick recoveries, you need a better solution.

Datto’s Hybrid-Cloud Business Continuity Solution:

  • It is an image-based solution.
  • Saves snapshots to an onsite device plus two Cloud locations.
  • Snapshots can be virtualized. Virtual servers act as software replicas of physical servers.
  • Provides instant Failover. You can operate from an onsite device or the Cloud.
  • Uses Inverse Chain Technology (ICT). Each restore point is independent.  ICT reduces backup size by avoiding wasteful data duplication.
  • Takes daily Screenshots of boot-up screens, verifying backups.
  • Images can be applied to different hardware with Bare Metal Restore (BMR).
  • Only available through a Datto Partner, such as XSolutions. We provide installation, monitoring, maintenance, and recovery services.
  • Full recoveries are measured in minutes to a few hours.

Business Continuity should be your goal, not only backing up data. It is the difference between thriving and just surviving after a disaster.

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